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Put your coffee to the test with a free coffee audit. Why? Because coffee drinkers can taste the difference!

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  • Testing is based on International standards and Q-grading.
  • This includes a detailed 8 point category analysis to assess the quality of your coffee.
  • Discover your strengths, your gaps, the upside opportunity and what to do about it.

Your Coffee Audit Includes

We assess the absolute fundamentals you need to deliver a world class coffee experience that keeps customers coming back.

Serving world class coffee is an experience. It includes many factors: your beans, age of beans, your barista, staff service, menu and your cafe atmosphere or lack of. We rate your overall coffee experience, from flavour to service.

The 8 Essentials

  1. Coffee Flavour: Does your coffee have a great flavor? Or is it too stale, too burnt, too bitter or acidic. We assess, look at why and propose simple solutions.
  2. Coffee Presentation: the appearance, timing and way your coffee is served.
  3. Pricing: Where do you sit in relation to competition and is there an opportunity for an increase in profitability
  4. Competitor assessment: areas of risk that your competition is doing better than you.
  5. Product mix: Is your coffee offering and product mix suitable to meet your target client experience?
  6. Timing: how long it takes your staff to serve a coffee order.
  7. Service: ability to answer questions about the origins, flavor and FAQ about your coffee. Ability to make recommendations on food to suit coffee.
  8. Conclusion: your results, gap analysis, profit upside potential analysis, strategy and recommendations moving forward.

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