Welcome To The Black Market

Coffee is a source of controversy. It has been banned many times throughout history due to its ability to inspire – from the art and literature of the renaissance, to full scale revolutions. The leaders of Mecca believed that coffee stimulated radical thinking and the clergymen of 16th-century Italy believed it to be “satanic”.

At Our Core, We Are Coffee Nerds

We understand the importance of great coffee for your customers and in turn the livelihood of your business. We believe great coffee is about mastering the full service experience. That’s why we’re not just a wholesaler, we’re your end-to-end coffee partner.

We Work With Hospitality Businesses

We work with cafes, hotels and the wider hospitality industry to help businesses get the best from their beans, and give the best coffee experience to their customers. Our services include wholesale, roasting, delivery, training and consulting.

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